Goalie Bank      
Name Email Phone
Charles Hooper charles.hooper17@gmail.com 446-3117
Joey Q. Borkovic joey_borkovic@hotmail.com 445-9928
Jean Yves Gauthier jeanyvesgauthiersmailbox@gmail.com 688-2624
Brennan Gagnon bgagnon@dt-electric.ca 444-0163
Patrick Bannister   506-229-0113
Tehnille Gard tehnille.gard@hotmail.com 306-313-5259
Chris Hunt chris@asphalt.ca 445-3956
Joe Campeau joe_campeau@icloud.com 447-2847
Scott Thomson scott@justfitness.ca 445-6646
Mike Hungle michael.hungle@gmail.com 445-4622
Anton Sergeev anton_sergeev@hotmail.com 447-4455

A player/goalie can not participate in any on ice league events unless they are registered with a team or as an individual.  This is for insurance purposes.

Click here for an individual registration form that you can fill out, once completed please send to the registrar. 

Click Here to have your name added to the list. Please provide a phone number, email and division preference in your message.